Gift Card Fundraiser – Help Our Church Raise Money!

Published March 29, 2017 by admin in Newsletter

Our Hope Lutheran Church of Montrose, CO has successfully been approved to participate in Script, a company that will send a percentage of a gift card purchased directly to our church.

For example, purchase a Home Depot gift card for $100 and 4% or $4.00 will automatically go to the church. There are over 700 gift card options to choose from ranging from 2% – 16% going back to our church! Besides purchasing gift cards for gifts to others, we can change the way we shop ourselves to make the most out of the program. If you know you are headed to dinner at Applebee’s, log onto your account before you depart and purchase an electronic gift card you can print out to use immediately.


Family Enrollment Code: L6D8D3F254163

Once you have an account created, the fastest way to start buying cards is by signing up with PrestoPay. You can find this by selecting Dashboard and going to PrestoPay towards the bottom right of screen. There is a video you can watch for Family Registration. Once you get your account approved you can then send me your approval code and I’ll take action to get you started.

For those who do not wish to deal with online transactions you can still participant. I will work on creating a paper order form that you can fill out and I can complete the online transaction on your behalf.

As the coordinator I will help you along the way with questions.



Cory Hawkins

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